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Opening art exhibition Kunstschouw 2018 in the church of Haamstede

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Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam 2018


photo by Frank Bouwkamp

'Nader Verdwaald'; Solo performance with film and live music at Podium Bloos Breda 2018.

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photo by Jac Schalk Graphic design

Live soundscapes Dwalerij June 2019


Live soundscapes with visuals from Beeldjutters at campsite De Lievelinge October 2019


photo by Jac Schalk Graphic design

Live songs Dwalerij September 2019

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'Zygote': Dance performance of Celine Werkhoven with live piano and electronics in Leiden.

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Opening natural burial grounds De Utrecht

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photo by Joris Hoogstede

Live and recorded soundscapes for nine days for exhibition 'Maarten Baas Makes Time' at Dutch Design Week 2016

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photo by Beeldjutters

Live electronic soundscape with visuals from Beeldjutters at Metaalkathedraal in Utrecht 2014


Soundtrack for 'FacadeLumen' by Beeldjutters at Kyiv Lights Festival 2018

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Live soundtrack for theatrical opening by De Kwekerij of the LocHal, the new library of Tilburg

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About Joost


Joost van Dijk (05-05-1970) is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist, singer, composer, videographer (and sometimes photographer) based in Tilburg, The Netherlands.

‚Finding art school way too restricting for me, I chose to go my own way and first started working as a visual artist.
Gradually, my life flow and inspiration took me more towards composing music and soundscapes and until now I have composed, recorded and edited music, soundscapes and soundeffects for theatre, dance and film for over 20 years, as well as performing in various art- and theatreprojects, and more recent as singer songwriter.
Over the years, I’ve started combining this with my original visual aspirations also doing filming and photography; commissioned works as well as my own.

With my visual works as well as with my music, I let sensitivity, feeling and atmosphere prevail over technical details and intellectual complexity and let chance and improvisation play together freely and in balance with detail and precision.

I have been doing commissioned photography / filming / editing and music / sound design for Celine Werkhoven, Australian director Samara Hersch, documentaries, dance company LaMelis, De Kwekerij location theatre, designer Maarten Baas, Studio Tween, Docman, Strijbos & van Rijswijk, dance-theatre company WELLES, Sounding Bodies, Beeldjutters, Het Zuidelijk Toneel, Plastic Soup Foundation, Proefdiervrij, Radio Nederland Wereldomroep, Teleac, independent artists, cultural organizations like 'L Avventura, business organizations and private portrait- and artwork projects. Live performances of my songs and soundscapes have brought me to theatre stages, abandoned factories, nightly forests, high class hotels, festivals, funerals, exhibitions, fields of heather and cosy living rooms. And the journey has only just begun.’




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